Stephen Curry Sets New NBA Record That Won’t Be Broken Anytime Soon

Stephen Curry is well on his way to a second consecutive regular season MVP as his Golden State Warriors chase history. Sitting at 52-5, the Warriors have a great chance at breaking the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls’ regular season record of 72 wins.

And while Golden State inches closer to what was once considered an unbreakable record, Curry continues to make history of his own. The Baby-Faced Assassin is well on his way to the most three-pointers made in a single season, and is set to break his own record he set last season (286).

Only 57 games into the season, Curry has already made 276 threes, and barring injury, will become the first player in NBA history to make at least 300 three-pointers in a single season. As Curry continues to cement his legacy as the greatest shooter in NBA history, he can add a new record to his resume – most consecutive games with at least one made three-pointer.

For the 128th straight game, Curry made a three-pointer against the Orlando Magic en route to a dominant 51-point performance. After his first one, Curry added eight more and made it look easy in the process.

The scariest part is that it’s impossible to envision Curry’s present record ending anytime soon. He is averaging 10.9 three-point attempts per game, and routinely hits contested, off-the-dribble shots that no one can stop.

Curry’s record is simply the latest reminder that this is Curry and the Warriors’ world – we are all just living in it.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Youtube