Re-Drafting The Surprisingly Deep 2011 NBA Draft

30. Justin Holiday – Chicago Bulls

Original Spot For Holiday: Undrafted
Original 30th Pick: Jimmy Butler
In an underwhelming year for undrafted free agents, Holiday stands as the only one to end up as a first-rounder in this re-draft. Jrue’s big brother signed a 2-year/$9 million deal this past offseason with the Chicago Bulls. With a dilapidated roster, there will be plenty of playing time for the young Holiday to showcase his skills. The 6’6″ shooting guard has a nice three-point stroke, and possesses the build to develop into a quality 3-and-D type player.
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29. Dāvis Bertāns – San Antonio Spurs

Original Spot For Bertāns: 42nd Overall (Pacers to Spurs)
Original 29th Pick: Cory Joseph

Yet again, the savvy Spurs find talent at the end of this draft. Originally taken 42nd overall in the 2011 Draft, Bertāns finally made his debut for San Antonio in 2016. The sweet-shooting Latvian made quality contributions for the 61-win team, providing both spacing and size. Listed at 6’10”, Bertāns shot just a hair under 40-percent from beyond the arc last season on 173 attempts.

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28. Jimmer Fredette – Chicago Bulls

Original Spot For Fredette: 10th Overall (Bucks to Kings)
Original 28th Pick: Norris Cole (to Heat)

There were a bevy of All-Stars and All-NBA talents hailing from the 2011 NBA Draft. With that said, the senior from BYU was the most popular — and polarizing — player in the class. His stock fluctuated throughout the year, but a strong NCAA Tournament pushed the Kings into making a draft-day trade to secure his rights. The rest is history, as Fredette was never able to fully get the support from the people of power in Sacramento. The gunslinger only started seven games in two-plus seasons with the team. Fredette would make stops in Chicago, New Orleans and New York along the way before settling in China — where he took home League MVP honors in 2017. He’s currently trying to make a return to the NBA, and one has to wonder what could have happened had Fredette been drafted to a more consistent franchise.

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27. Norris Cole – Brooklyn Nets

Original Spot For Cole: 28th Overall (Heat)
Original 27th Pick: JaJuan Johnson (to Celtics)

Learning your role is the easiest route to playing time in the NBA. Cole understood his role with the LeBron James-led Miami Heat, and it led to a substantial amount of playing time during his earlier years. The defensive-minded guard has made a living off of hounding opposing ball-handlers. Never much of a scorer, Cole had his best offensive season in 2016 — averaging 10.6 points and 3.7 assists per game for the Pelicans.

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