Re-Drafting The Absolutely Terrible 2013 NBA Draft

27. Mike Muscala – Denver Nuggets

Original Spot For Muscala: 44th Overall (Dallas to Atlanta)
Original 27th Pick: Rudy Gobert

Unfortunately for the Nuggets, Gobert isn’t around this late in the first round. He would’ve been a fantastic fit next to Nikola Jokic up front. However, the team still is able to draft stretch-four Mike Muscala. He’s not a great defender for his position — nor will he be a guy to get you double-digit totals in rebounds. With that said, Muscala shot 41.8-percent from three this past season. The 6’11” forward would then allow Denver to spread the floor further, opening up driving lanes for its guards.

26. Ian Clark – Minnesota Timberwolves

Original Spot For Clark: Undrafted
Original 26th Pick: André Roberson (to Oklahoma City)

Like Gobert, Roberson will be off the board by the time Minnesota picks. It’s a shame too — especially considering head coach Tom Thibodeau’s proclivity for the defensive end of the floor. Alas, Minnesota will be settling for Clark. Clark broke out this past season with Golden State. He can get buckets in a hurry when given the requisite amount of time on the floor. He shot 37.4-percent from three this past season, and put up career highs in rebounds and points per game. In a larger role, Clark could easily be averaging double-figures off the bench.

Image Sources: Brett Davis, Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports