Re-Drafting the Absolutely Stacked 2011 NBA Draft

Honorable Mentions

The 2011 NBA Draft was filled with tremendous talent, forcing us to make some tough cuts on quality players.

Out of the original lottery, the toughest omissions were the 8th pick, Brandon Knight, and the 13th pick, Markieff Morris. They would likely be the next two picks after our redraft lottery. Knight has been inconsistent and has some brutal lowlights throughout his career, but he’s a proven NBA-level scorer at the guard spot. Morris fits in well in today’s NBA, providing a little bit of everything as a tweener big man.

A pair of solid wing defenders in Alec Burks and Iman Shumpert just miss the cut, while the sharpshooting Nikola Mirotic would surely be a first-round pick yet again in a redraft scenario.

Jimmer Fredette and Derrick Williams were legitimate busts off the basis of where they were selected, and Bismack Biyombo turned one so-so season into a hefty contract but hasn’t done much else to validate being the 7th pick.

Now to see who made the cut!

14. Chandler Parsons – Houston Rockets

Original Spot For Parsons: 38th Overall (Houston Rockets)
Original 14th Pick: Marcus Morris

A homecoming for the former Florida Gator, Chandler Parsons is selected in the lottery by the team that originally drafted him in the second round. Parsons played a big part on a 54-win Houston team that eventually lost to Portland in the first round of the 2014 playoffs. His emergence almost perfectly coincided with the NBA’s shift to small-ball lineups, making Chandler’s unique skillset a coveted commodity.

Although he’s struggled with injuries and shooting woes during his tenure with the Mavs and Grizzlies, his size, outside stroke and passing make him a solid asset moving forward. Possibly his greatest skill though is his recruiting ability, evidenced by the Rockets’ signing of Howard in 2013 and nearly helping the Mavs sign DeAndre Jordan.

13. Kenneth Faried – Phoenix Suns

Original Spot For Faried: 22nd Overall (Denver Nuggets)
Original 13th Pick: Markieff Morris

Kenneth Faried instantly made an impact when the Nuggets selected him with 22nd pick. The up-and-down style suited Faried’s playstyle, allowing him to get out in transition and crash the boards on both ends. What better place to accentuate that skillset than with Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns? Phoenix was just a year removed from the Amar’e Stoudamire era, and pairing the young, athletic Faried with Nash could have done wonders for his career.

Instead, Faried plays for a middling Nuggets team as an archaic power forward that can’t shoot the three or block shots. The Manimal’s game is a dying breed in the NBA, but a possible change of scenery could revitalize his career moving forward.

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