Re-Drafting The Absolutely Pitiful 2012 NBA Draft

20. Denver Nuggets — Austin Rivers

Original Spot For Rivers: 10th Overall (Pelicans)
Original 20th Pick: Evan Fournier

Potentially the most polarizing player in this class, the basketball world is generally split on their evaluation of Rivers. He’s a so-so shot maker with questionable shot selection. Defensively he’s quite good, though a bit undersized against a majority of wings. He doesn’t really have a position, because he isn’t that great away from the ball and isn’t much of a decision maker.

There’s certainly a place for him in the league, he just hasn’t been able to consistently put it all together. Being under the constant, watchful eye of his father/coach couldn’t have helped. A change of scenery could do wonders at this point in his career.

19. Orlando Magic — JaMychal Green

Original Spot For Green: Undrafted
Original 19th Pick: Andrew Nicholoson

Memphis unearthed Green in the 2017 season when they decided to start the four-year veteran over mainstay Zach Randolph. He obliged by having a career year for the Grizz. Green is the quintessential blue-collar player with his ability to play hard nosed defense, rebound with aggression and stick to his role on the offensive end. The majority of his scoring came in the in-between area, as he knocked down nearly 56-percent of his long-twos (beyond 16-feet) in 2017.

Ranking third to last in usage rate for the Grizzlies last season, Green is able to stay engaged in games even when the play rarely moves through him — a key trait for top role players. He started for Memphis mostly out of necessity, but would be a useful rotation piece on any number of teams around the NBA.

Image Sources: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports, Jeffrey Becker/USA TODAY Sports