Re-Drafting The Absolutely Pitiful 2012 NBA Draft

30. Golden State Warriors — Royce White

Original Spot For White: 16th Overall (Rockets)
Original 30th Pick: Festus Ezeli

Oh, what could have been? White represented the new era as well as any prospect over the last decade. His 6’8”, 250-pound frame was built for the long, grueling NBA season. He was a gifted point forward that saw the floor at an elite level for a collegiate player. He was essentially supposed to become what Draymond Green is now. His aversion to flying coupled with what White believes to be a league-wide “lack of protocol” on mental health issues led to him never suiting up for the team that originally drafted him. He appeared in three games for the Sacramento Kings, and didn’t record a point. White now plays for London Lightning for the National Basketball League of Canada.

29. Chicago Bulls — Mike James

Original Spot For James: Undrafted
Original 29th Pick: Marquis Teague

Taking an unconventional route to the big leagues, James finally made his NBA debut in the ’17-’18 season. The true point guard has been an early revelation for a Suns team that has been in desperate need of any type of stability. He’s a heady player that plays tough on both ends. James has flashed both scoring and playmaking abilities — two skills most teams are in dire need of. While James isn’t ever going to be a 20-point per game scorer or All-Star, he’s a solid floor general more than capable of leading the second unit for a playoff team.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder — Jared Sullinger

Original Spot For Sullinger: 21st Overall (Celtics)
Original 28th Pick: Perry Jones III

Rewinding back to 2012, Sullinger was one of the biggest names in all of college basketball. The stocky 6’9” power forward starred for a talented Ohio State program, reaching All-American honors in both 2011 and 2012. Fast-forward five years and Sullinger is completely out of the league. What exactly happened? Well, the league evolved. 20 years ago, the lack of advanced stats would have masked Sullinger’s deficiencies. But nowadays, it’s plainly obvious that he doesn’t fit with the current structure of the NBA. He’s a solid rebounder though, and with a shallow 2012 draft class, he’d likely be a first rounder yet again.

Image Sources: Rocky Widner/Getty Images, Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports, Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports