Re-Drafting The Absolutely Stacked 2009 NBA Draft

25. Omri Casspi – Oklahoma City Thunder

Original Spot For Casspi: 23rd Overall (Kings)
Original 25th Pick: Rodrigue Beaubois

The Israeli-born sharpshooter has played for five teams in his career, and found a way to get on the floor for each one of them. Prototypical size for both forward spots and a smooth outside jumper will keep him in demand over the next few years.

24. Garrett Temple – Dallas Mavericks

Original Spot For Temple: Undrafted
Original 24th Pick: Byron Mullens

Temple has bounced around the league from team to team over the years, with the best stretch of his career recently coming with his time in Washington. He’s a quality perimeter defender that is improving his outside shot as he’s been asked to do more on the offensive end.

23. Wayne Ellington – Sacramento Kings

Original Spot For Ellington: 28th Overall (T’Wolves)
Original 23rd Pick: Omri Casspi

After an impressive NCAA tournament run, Ellington came into the league with lofty expectations as the 28th pick in the draft. It has taken him some time to adjust and find his role, having a breakout year in 2017 on an overachieving Heat team.

22. Jodie Meeks – Portland Trail Blazers

Original Spot For Meeks: 41st Overall (Bucks)
Original 22nd Pick: Victor Claver

Inconsistency has hampered Meeks throughout his career, as he hasn’t been able to string together two or more successful seasons in a row. His time in Los Angeles as a heat-checking gunslinger made him an intriguing free agent, but he hasn’t done much since signing a hefty contract with the Pistons.

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