Ranking The Top 25 Power Forwards Of All-Time

16. Larry Nance

One of the most vicious above-the-rim players of all-time, Nance was also one of the most consistent. Nance averaged over 16 points and eight boards once he assumed a starting role. Even though he was known as a smooth offensive player, Nance also excelled on the defensive end of the floor. Early on, Nance played for a struggling Phoenix Suns franchise — which may have detracted some of his efforts. But after being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Nance made All-Defensive teams for three-straight years.

Image Source: Alchetron

15. Dave DeBusschere

DeBusschere will go down as one of the NBA’s most harassing defenders. During his 13-year career, DeBusschere was a 6-time All-Defensive First Team member. His length — coupled with his lateral quickness and dogged determination — made him a terror to try and score against.  Starring for both the Knicks and the Pistons, DeBusschere’s Hall-of-Fame career is highlighted by two NBA championships, eight All-Star selections, and averaging double-digit rebounds in 10 of his 13 career seasons.

Image Source: Alchetron