Ranking The Top 25 Power Forwards Of All-Time

18. Vern Mikkelsen

Mikkelsen played the role of defensive-stopper for one of the league’s earliest dynasties, the Minneapolis Lakers. Playing alongside fellow big man George Mikan, the tandem led the Lakers to four titles in five seasons. On top of the team success, Mikkelsen made six All-Star teams, and averaged 2.2 assists per game for his career. While these numbers appear to be modest on the surface, it was a notable accomplishment during an era in which offenses weren’t as dynamic.

Image Source: Alchetron

17. Tom Heinsohn

Heinsohn finds himself this high within the piece because all he did was win. Heinsohn won his first championship during his rookie season — while making the All-Star team and winning Rookie of the Year honors over teammate Bill Russell. Heinsohn isn’t as well known as his fellow Celtics brethren, but still has career per-game averages of 18.8 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 2.0 assists. He ended up winning eight NBA championships in the nine seasons he played, so one could say he just got tired of winning.

Image Source: NBA.com