Ranking The Top 25 PGs of All-Time

25. James Harden

When Mike D’Antoni took over the Houston Rockets and moved James Harden to point guard, many skeptics questioned the switch. One MVP-worthy season later, and the basketball world has been put on notice. Already an isolation 1-on-1 specialist, and arguably the best offensive player in the league, Harden has proven he can initiate an offense and find open shooters out of double teams. With a couple more seasons at the helm, expect The Beard to continue to challenge for the NBA assists title.

24. Andre Miller

For a player that enjoyed a 17-year career in the NBA, it definitely seems like Andre Miller was overlooked. He was a double-digit scorer in his first 12 seasons in the league. Though he is one of the few players in league history with at least 16,000 points, 8,000 assists, and 1,500 steals, Miller never made it as an All-Star. Amazingly enough, Miller – who was considered by many to be slow, overweight, and not athletic – managed to thrive in the post and wound up with the ninth-most assists in NBA history.

23. John Wall

Without even stepping onto the court at Kentucky, John Wall was dealing with the pressures of being labeled as the likely first overall pick in the 2010 draft. Since joining the league, Wall has never averaged below 16 points or seven assists per game in any season. In 2017, Wall blossomed into a real leader. Coming off a career year, he set career highs in points, assists, and steals, earning his first All-NBA team honors. To some degree, Wall is underrated as a passer, due to his explosive highlight plays. Nevertheless, after showing an improvement in his mid-range game, he has made himself a true threat in the half-court set.

22. Rod Strickland

Rod Strickland never spent more than four seasons at a time on the same team, but that’s not because the dude couldn’t play. Rarely could you find a defender who was able to stay in front of him, even though he was perceived as a mediocre shooter. Strickland switched teams nearly 10 times throughout his 17-year career, and was able to carve out a niche wherever he landed.

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