Ranking The Past 25 NBA Drafts (1992-2016) From Worst To First

21. 1992 NBA Draft

Best pick: Shaquille O’Neal (1st overall)
Worst pick: Christian Laettner (3rd overall)

The 1992 class is proof that even when the No. 1 selection is a star, the draft class as a whole can still be fairly weak. Shaq’s impact as a Hall of Famer is obvious, and the draft class is boosted a bit by Alonzo Mourning, Tom Gugliotta and Latrell Sprewell. The talent level drops significantly from there though, and after being one of the most dominant collegiate players ever, Christian Laettner’s NBA career is not indicative of a 3rd overall selection.

20. 2014 NBA Draft

Best pick: Andrew Wiggins (1st overall)
Worst pick: Noah Vonleh (9th overall)

2014 was one of the more hyped classes in recent memory, as Andrew Wiggins has been touted as the next great thing seemingly since he learned to tie his shoes. Wiggins may never become the transcendent star he was promoted as, but will be a great player nonetheless. Jabari Paker, Elfrid Payton, Doug McDermott and Rodney Hood were also solid selections that have already paid dividends for their respective teams. Unfortunately for the 2014 class, the injury bug has not been friendly. Dante Exum and Julius Randle have both missed a full year due to leg injuries, and Joel Embiid has been brilliant when on the floor, but that has been a rare occurrence. When those three guys are fully healthy and playing, this class could rise in the rankings rather quickly.

Image Source: nba.com