Ranking The Last 20 No. 1 NBA Draft Picks

18. Kwame Brown: 2001

Kwame Brown is universally known for two things.

He was selected No. 1 Overall as a high school senior by former team president Michael Jordan. Secondly, he was trashed on national television by outlandish television pundit Stephen A. Smith. Brown was beset by small hands, a lack of awareness, and a below-average basketball I.Q. Ironically enough, his most successful stint in the NBA came with the Lakers — where he proved relatively well as a high-energy role player.

Currently unsigned, Brown has averaged 6.6 PPG and 5.5 RPG in 13 seasons. His career-high in points per contest for a single season was 10.9.

17. Michael Olowokandi: 1998

“The Kandi Man” was unfortunately caught in the long-suffering abysmal tornado of Clipper irrelevancy.

Hailing from tiny Pacific, Olowokandi struggled to adjust to the athleticism and physicality of the NBA. To be fair, the timing of the NBA Lockout certainly didn’t help Olowokandi’s development. He was a serviceable — yet unspectacular — big man for the Clippers. In five seasons with the team, he averaged 10.1 PPG and 8.1 RPG. Olowokandi then moved on to Minnesota and Boston — where he never averaged more than 6.5 PPG in any season.

While not an elite big man, he was just okay — which certainly isn’t good enough to be drafted first overall.

Image Sources: USA TODAY Sports, Business Insider