Ranking the Best NBA Trios of All-Time

21. Elgin Baylor – Wilt Chamberlain – Jerry West

In search of an extra piece to dethrone the mighty Boston Celtics, the Lakers traded for the league’s most popular and dominant player (Wilt Chamberlain). The transaction also effectively created the league’s first ‘Super Team’ in the process. West, Baylor, and Chamberlain took the league by storm in 1969, all averaging over 20-plus points per game during the regular season. However, the trio was never able to accomplish the ultimate goal together. LA came up short on two occasions in the NBA Finals, suffering brutal Game 7 defeats to the Celtics and Knicks in consecutive years. It wasn’t until 1972 that the Lakers core broke through and won a championship (thought it was without the services of Baylor, who missed almost the entire season due to injury).

Image Source: Darryl Norenberg-USA TODAY Sports