Ranking All 30 Players In The NBA Finals From Least To Most Important

30. Kevon Looney – Golden State Warriors

The rookie out of UCLA didn’t see the floor much this season, scoring a grand total of 9 points in the regular season. Looney had arthroscopic hip surgery in April, and therefore will not play a second in this NBA Finals series.

29. Sasha Kaun – Cleveland Cavaliers

It’s difficult to conjure up a scenario where Kaun plays a single second in this series. The 6-foot-11 center saw time in 25 of Cleveland’s 82 regular season games, averaging 0.9 points and 1 rebound per game. Expect him to average 0.0 points and 0 rebounds in the Finals.

28. Jordan McRae – Cleveland Cavaliers

McRae gets the nod ahead of teammate Sasha Kaun since he has actually seen the floor this postseason. While it was only for one minute, McRae made the most of those 60 seconds, scoring 5 points in Game 2 against the Detroit Pistons. In limited action this season, McRae shot an impressive 63.6 percent from beyond the arc, but his lack of defensive ability should keep him firmly on the bench in this series.

27. Dahntay Jones – Cleveland Cavaliers

The 12-year veteran has only taken the floor this postseason during blowouts, but has seemingly taken on an enforcer role when on the court. Jones was suspended for one game after delivering a low blow on Bismack Biyombo in the Eastern Conference Finals, and appears to be Cleveland’s designated cheap shot implementer.

26. James Michael McAdoo – Golden State Warriors

The second-year forward from North Carolina has appeared in five games this postseason, amassing a total of 1 point. However, McAdoo did appear in 41 games during the regular season, suggesting there is at least a slight possibility that he could see the floor if enough Warriors bigs get in foul trouble.

Now on to the players who will see the floor this NBA Finals…

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