Ranking Michael Jordan’s 23 Greatest Teammates Of All-Time

19. Christian Laettner

Accolades: NBA All-Star, All-Rookie First Team

MJ only played on an NBA team with two of his Dream Team teammates. Scottie Pippen is the obvious one, and the other is Duke “bad boy” Christian Laettner. Laettner had one of the best collegiate careers in history, and was highly touted entering the 1992 NBA Draft. It was nearly impossible for him to live up to the massive expectations, but all things considered, Laettner enjoyed a solid enough NBA career. He was a versatile forward that could score, pass and rebound, and even made an All-Star team during the middle of his prime. Laettner may have been the worst player on the Dream Team, but certainly wasn’t the worst player Jordan has played with.

18. Robert Parrish

Accolades: 4-time NBA champion, Hall of Fame Inductee, 9-time NBA All-Star, 2-time All-NBA team

A member of the legendary 80’s Celtics teams, Hall of Famer Robert Parrish caught on with the Bulls during the twilight of his career. “The Chief” was a tremendous player for nearly 20 years in the league, but was already 43 years old by the time he played with MJ. In his prime, Parrish was an anchor in the middle, blocking shots and engulfing every rebound in sight. At least he went out with a ring, as Parrish was on the 1997 Bulls team that beat the Jazz in the NBA Finals.

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