RANKED: The Best Possible Starting 5 For Every NBA Franchise

12. Portland Trailblazers: Damian Lillard-Clyde Drexler-LaMarcus Aldridge-Bill Walton-Arvydas Sabonis

6th Man: Terry Porter

At first glance, Portland is just another humongous frontcourt, but Walton, Aldridge, and Sabonis aren’t ordinary big men. Aldridge stretches the floor with a lethal mid-range jumper, and can also be effective with his back to the basket. Sabonis and Walton can switch between anchoring the high post and dishing out dimes as well as any two centers in league history. In his heyday, Walton moved like a guard and could cover ground in a heartbeat. The three bigs would surely run into matchup issues, but they would be a problem for other teams as well. With such a big frontcourt, the perfect guards are needed to complete the lineup. Lillard narrowly edges out Terry Porter for the point guard spot, and his ability to create consistent looks is as good as anybody in the league today. Drexler is the x-factor on the team, having been a star for the majority of his career, while also showing the capability to take a backseat to other premier players. If they had one more top-tier wing, Portland’s All-Time team would be seriously imposing.