RANKED: The Best Basketball Player of All-Time From Each State

Rhode Island: Ernie DiGregorio

Only a handful of NBA players came from the tiny state of Rhode Island. DeGregorio is likely the best of the bunch, despite only playing a handful of years in the league. The former No. 3 Overall pick in the 1973 draft, DeGregorio’s game was rooted in passing the basketball. He holds a current record for the most assists (25) in a single game as a first-year player. It comes as no surprise to find out that DiGregorio won the Rookie of the Year award. DiGregorio was born and raised in Providence.

Image Source: Fansided

Maine: Jeff Turner

Maine hasn’t exactly been a great producer of basketball talent during its existence. In fact, up until 2018, Turner was the only player in the history of the league that was born in Maine. Former Michigan walk-on and current member of the Miami Heat Duncan Robinson joined the ranks when he made his debut this year. Turner’s longevity in the league gives him the nod. He was a journeyman throughout his years, providing quality minutes for the Nets and Magic.

Image Source: NBA.com

New Hampshire: Matt Bonner

‘The Red Rocket’ holds the distinction as being the only NBA player in league history to ever hail from New Hampshire. Prior to becoming a star player at the University of Florida, Bonner cut his teeth at Concord High School in Concord, New Hampshire. Bonner was truly ahead of his time. He wasn’t the most physical player — nor was he overly athletic or defensively inclined. However, Bonner was an elite perimeter shooter. The ‘stretch four’ position largely describes Bonner’s prowess on the professional level. The two-time NBA Champion shot 41.4 percent from three over his lengthy career.

Image Source: Pounding the Rock