RANKED: The Best Basketball Player of All-Time From Each State

Wyoming: James Johnson

As one could imagine, Wyoming doesn’t have a deep list of past or present NBA players. Johnson was born and raised in the large (relative to Wyoming) city of Cheyenne. He then attended school at Wake Forest before carving out quite a nice career for himself as a defensive-minded big. Johnson is versatile enough to guard both forward spots relatively well. While not overly skilled offensively, he still can put the ball in the bucket when called upon. At 31 years of age, he’s a solid rotation player currently for the Miami Heat.

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Vermont: Taylor Coppenrath

Unless you’re a complete basketball junkie, you’ve likely never heard of Taylor Coppenrath. Vermont is the only state that has never produced an NBA player. Coppenrath by default is listed here as the most talented basketball player to hail from the state. The 6-foot-9 power forward had a very unorthodox jumper. He’d launch it from back behind his head almost like a catapult slinging something a great distance. Coppenrath’s greatest moment came when he led his Vermont team to an upset win over Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament. Coppenrath — a native of Barnet, Vermont — played his entire professional career in Europe.

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Alaska: Carlos Boozer

With all due respect to NCAA Champion and two-time NBA Champion Mario Chalmers, Boozer is the most talented player to come out of the 49th state. Although he was born in Germany, Boozer spent the majority of his childhood in Alaska. The Duke product helped lead the Blue Devils to an NCAA Championship in 2001. He went on to become a double-double machine for the Cavaliers, Jazz, and Bulls, and even made two All-Star appearances during his time in Utah.

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North Dakota: Tyler Johnson

Although he attended high school in California, Johnson was technically born in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Only three other NBA players (Mark Landsberger, Doug McDermott, Duane Klueh) hail from the state. Johnson primarily functions as a scoring guard off the bench. Strong with the ball, Johnson hurts the opposition both from the perimeter as well as driving to the basket.

Image Source: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports