RANKED: The 30 Best NBA Players From 2000-2010

30. Kevin Durant

Durant doesn’t have a large sample size to pull from. He only featured in three years during this time frame. However, those three years were very special. As a 19-year-old rookie, Durant averaged a respectable 20.3 PPG. In his second year, those numbers jumped to 25.3 PPG (on 42.2-percent from three and 47.6-percent from the field). As a third-year player, Durant dropped a cool 30.1 PPG on nearly 48-percent from the field.

Even with a painfully thin frame, Durant could score from anywhere on the floor. He essentially cultivated an assassin-like mindset on the court — something we continue to see today. It’s truly impressive to watch Durant dominate in the fashion he did against more physical competition. It’s even more significant considering he hadn’t fully physically matured by then.

29. Chris Webber 

By splitting his time between the ’90’s and the early 2000’s, Webber wasn’t able to find himself ranked higher upon this list. However, it doesn’t in any way diminish his greatness on the floor. Starring for the Sacramento Kings, Webber made four-straight All-Star appearances. The walking double-double had very impressive ball skills for a power forward. Aside from the fact Webber could shoot it from 17-to-19 feet, he also possessed a real willingness to pass the basketball. Webber was magician-like with the rock in his hands — and likely was the best passing big man not named Arvydas Sabonis.

In the 2000’s, Webber featured in seven playoff series (with the Kings, 76ers, and Pistons). At the height of his dominance, the former Michigan Wolverine averaged 24 PPG over a four-year stretch. He was integral in Sacramento remaining a relevant franchise. By the time he departed, the Kings resumed their role as the bottom feeders of the NBA.

Image Sources: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports, Brian Bahr/Getty Images