RANKED: The 23 Best Teammates Of LeBron James’ Career

21. Anderson Varejao

The only player to both play alongside as well as against LeBron in the NBA Finals, Anderson Varejao fit the mold of the perfect LeBron teammate. High energy, unselfishness and great rebounding allowed Andy to grace the King’s floor during their time in Cleveland together. Unfortunately for Varejao, he was on the losing side of each of the last two NBA Finals. He’d be higher up on the list if he was better at picking sides.

Image Source: HoopsHype

20. Mario Chalmers

Most memories that involve Mario Chalmers include the Big Three of the Miami Heat scolding the point guard from Kansas, but there were some positive moments sprinkled in there as well. Mario was another guard whose career was greatly enhanced by playing alongside LeBron James. Chalmers wasn’t much of a ball handler or decision maker, but could effectively defend other point guards and had the ability to get hot from beyond the arc.

Image Source: Zimbio