RANKED: The 23 Best Teammates Of LeBron James’ Career

23. Daniel Gibson

Playing with LeBron comes with a few caveats. With James’ superhuman vision and playmaking abilities, point guards that typically quarterback offenses aren’t necessarily imperative to the team building process. This allows more non-traditional guards to thrive on a team as LeBron sets them up for easy looks.

Enter Boobie Gibson.

Gibson didn’t have the size to be a true two-guard or the instincts to be a true point guard. His spot-up shooting abilities though were his biggest asset, providing an enormous boost in the 2007 playoffs, burying big-time three point shots.

Image Source: Zimbio

22. James Jones

A dead-eye three point specialist, James Jones has carved a niche for himself in the league from his shooting abilities. Jones hasn’t shared the court with James as often as others on this list, but his spot is solidified due to the fact that he’s the only player to be on the roster for each of LeBron’s three championship teams. Jones – along with LeBron – are the first players to consecutively appear in six or more NBA Finals since the 1960’s. LeBron has contributed a tad bit more to the success of those teams, but Jones has accepted his bench role and always seems ready to go when he’s called upon.

Image Source: Ken Blaze/USA TODAY Sports