RANKED: The 20 Most Hateable Players In The NBA Right Now

16. Blake Griffin

When Griffin burst onto the scene as the #1 draft pick for the Los Angeles Clippers, fans adored him as the dunking machine that made the other team in LA watchable again. As time went on, something changed though. Griffin began to start pouting to refs at an alarming rate, and has been the culprit of some of the worst flops captured during an NBA game. Griffin is considered to some as being “soft” for his size, making it easy for fans to poke fun at the perennial All Star.

Image Source: Jayne Kamin/USA TODAY Sports

15. Chris Andersen

Looking past the tough attitude and drug addiction, Chris Andersen is legitimately hated for something he was actually found innocent for. In 2012, Andersen was charged with possession and distribution of child pornography that truly sullied his name. Andersen was eventually cleared of all charges in an extremely weird case, but his name being associated with the case has turned off many to the energetic big man they call “Birdman.”

Image Source: Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports