RANKED: The 20 Most Hateable Players In The NBA Right Now

20. D’Angelo Russell

Nobody likes a snitch, so when a video recorded by Russell surfaced showing Nick Young proudly declaring his infidelity, many were upset with the Lakers’ 2nd pick in the 2015 NBA draft. By recording the video, Russell broke the “Bro Code” and surely played a part in Young and then-wife Iggy Azalea’s eventual separation. Add to that the fact that D’Angelo pointed to his arm to proclaim he had “ice in his veins” after making a game-winning shot on a team that won 17 games in 2015-2016, and Russell has already made plenty of life-long haters.

Image Source: Jayne Kamin/USA TODAY Sports

19. Nick Young

Nobody likes a snitch, but there’s nothing worse than a cheater. We aren’t naïve enough to believe that every NBA player is completely faithful to their loved ones through all of the long road trips and hotel rooms, but the fact that Young was audacious enough to brag about it with his friends leaves a bad taste. For shame, Swaggy P.

Image Source: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports