RANKED: The 20 Best Prep-to-Pro Players In NBA History

20. Amir Johnson

When you think of prep-to-pros players, the first that come to mind are either current or future Hall of Famers. Amir Johnson is more than likely neither of those, but proves that even if you aren’t part of that distinguished group, you can still find success in the league. There’s something to be said about a player in his 11th season that is still finding ways to contribute for a contending team, and Johnson has shown no signs of slowing down his reckless, high energy-driven style of play.

Image Source: Nelson Chenault/USA TODAY Sports

19. Shaun Livingston

After suffering one of the most brutal injuries in the history of the sport, Shaun Livingston has reclaimed his spot in the league and shown flashes of what made him the 4th pick in the 2004 NBA draft. Before the injury, Livingston was a crafty primary ball handler that had a knack for setting up his teammates all over the floor. His style of play conceivably would have translated well into the NBA level, and had a few things went differently, we could be talking about Livingston as one of the elite lead guards in the league today. However, the damage that was done to his knee forced Livingston to adapt if he wanted to continue playing at a high level, and this is perfectly exemplified by his current role with the juggernaut Golden State Warriors. His unselfish play and ability to post up smaller guards is key to the Warriors’ offensive scheme.

Image Source: Isaiah J. Downing/USA TODAY Sports