RANKED: Every NBA Franchise’s All-Time Starting 5

1. Los Angeles Lakers: Magic Johnson-Jerry West-Kobe Bryant-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-Shaquille O’Neal

6th Man: James Worthy

The Lakers have what seems like an unlimited supply of Hall of Famers to select from. Elgin Baylor, Michael Cooper, Pau Gasol, Gail Goodrich, Jamal Wilkes, George Mikan and other great players in NBA history are left off the most exclusive lineup in our All-Time league. Magic and Kobe is a perfect guard combo, matching each other’s intensity and leading the team in completely different ways. West is a dead-eye shooter who can fill the role of playmaker or spot-up shooter. In transition, Magic would have his choice of two of the best finishers in league history in Bryant and Worthy. Kareem and Shaq would be virtually unstoppable. They do occupy similar spots on the court, but Kareem’s range stretches outside the paint, and Shaq’s athleticism allows him to roam freely and quickly in the middle. The Lakers have tremendous star power along with elite size, speed, and skill, making them the odds on favorite to capture the All-Time title.