Predicting The Landing Spots For The Top 19 NBA Free Agents In 2019

13. Marc Gasol — Signs With The Warriors

Prepare for more “the Warriors ruined the league” Twitter takes if this move happens. Gasol is the perfect center to start on this ball club. He’s essentially a more skilled Andrew Bogut — except Bogut never made All-NBA First Team or won Defensive Player of the Year.

Having spent the entirety of his career in Memphis, it would behoove Gasol to take a plunge on a true contender. He’s 33 years old, has made a ton of money, and doesn’t have a whole lot of tread on the tires left. That being said, the Warriors don’t need him to play big minutes, and the aging Gasol might benefit from playing in spurts. Golden State’s penchant for sharing the ball and playing tough defense makes the Spaniard a seamless fit.

Image Source: Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports