Phil…What Are You Doing?

The New York Knicks fan base collectively has one question for Phil Jackson at this point: What the #$%@ are you doing?

The 71-year-old President of the Knicks organization had endured a rocky tenure in the Big Apple. Hired in 2014, Jackson was supposed to bring levels of cachet and success to a franchise in desperate need of some. The five-year, $60 million dollar deal gifted by owner James Dolan certainly indicated a level of faith in Jackson’s ability to be an executive (something he had no prior experience in).

Jackson cleaned house – opting to hire former player Derek Fisher as head coach. The Knicks were then poised to institute the famous – and antiquated – triangle offense. Jackson decided to re-sign Carmelo Anthony to a max deal, despite his own reservations about the forward’s future with the team. The following season, the Knicks ended with a 17-65 record. It was the worst in franchise history.

The selection of Kristaps Porzingis in the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft certainly gave the team a boost. Thus far, he’s turned out to be virtually the only viable asset currently on the roster. Fisher was fired midway through his second season – ultimately being replaced by Jeff Hornacek. In 2016, Jackson attempted to bolster the roster with a number of high-profile (and ill-conceived) moves. Jackson signed the likes of Robin Lopez, Courtney Lee, and a broken-down Joakim Noah to multi-year deals. He then swapped Lopez for a volatile Derrick Rose.

Jackson’s relationship – or lack thereof – with Anthony has been broadcast throughout the media. There’s no question that Anthony will be jettisoned out of New York sooner rather than later. The Hall of Fame head coach hasn’t come off exceptionally well during this entire ordeal.

There’s also been rumblings that Jackson isn’t as hands-on as many would like him to be. This includes going out and scouting talent at the college level, as well as overseas.

Lastly, there’s the Porzingis situation. Reports surfaced Tuesday afternoon that the Knicks would consider trading Porzingis. Should this actually occur, supporters of the team would likely riot. There’s no way New York should pursue this possibility – let alone talk about it.

Porzingis is the one player worth building around for the future. 7’3” athletes with the ability to shoot it from three and take players off the dribble certainly don’t grow on trees. Aside from that, there’s also the situation in which New York needs to smooth out the situation between itself and Porzingis. The Latvian big man was so jaded by the end of last season that he skipped out on the end of the year meeting, and has since set up shop in Europe. The Knicks have yet to even reach out to him during this time period.

In Jackson’s three years with the organization, the Knicks have gone 80-166. This is unacceptable for such a crazed basketball city – and one with a tremendously rich history. While they are a prime example of dysfunction at the highest level, something’s got to be done. If the Knicks trade Porzingis for middling prospects and future draft picks, it’d almost be as if Jackson is trying to get fired.

Or, the Knicks should just cut bait and move on. That David Griffin guy is available…maybe he can bring LeBron to MSG.

Image Source: Bleacher Report