Only Stephen Curry Can Pull Off This New Accessory On The Court

After aggravating his shin injury last week, Steph Curry turned to a new “Messi mindset” in Friday night’s game, donning soccer-style shin guards in a 128-108 victory over Portland. In 29 minutes, Steph scored 26 points (8-18 FG) with 9 assists, and the Dubs improved to 36-2, and, for now, any potential crisis seems to have been averted. In the mean time, a few other thoughts on the matter:

– These shin guards are pretty cool. They’re $90 from G-Form, and seem comfortable and flexible, and they look pretty sweet. If you’re a football or soccer player and totally don’t care about $90 or are Steph Curry, they make for a good purchase.

– Messi had a hat trick today in Barcelona’s 4-0 win over Granada, and channeling Messi is almost always a good idea. Let’s just hope Steph doesn’t apply the Messi mindset to his taxes.

– Initially, Curry’s recovery time was expected to be 4 weeks, and after aggravating it in multiple games last week, conventional wisdom would assume the Dubs would take this January stretch to get their MVP fully healthy, especially in this age of league-wide resting.

Whether it’s prudent for Steph to play though an injury that is prone to easy aggravation is debatable, but the front office must be on board with this decision, indicating a collective organizational effort to pursue the Bulls’ record.

Chasing history is fun, and we should be grateful for this, assuming those $90 shin guards hold up.

Source:, sfgate