NBA Mock Draft ’23: Post-Lottery

1. San Antonio Spurs — Victor Wembanyama, F, France

Once more, the Spurs have won the NBA Draft Lottery. And, yet again, it could not have happened at a more opportune time. San Antonio has missed the postseason four years in a row. The Spurs had previously missed the playoffs just four times total since joining the NBA in 1976. This is a franchise unfamiliar with winning droughts, but they picked up a huge win on the night of the NBA Draft Lottery.

As such, they are now in line to draft what many are calling a generational talent. The type of talent only rivaled by LeBron James in terms of hype. Wembanyama is essentially a 7-foot-4 version of Kevin Durant with shot-blocking skills. We’ve never seen a player like this. If he can stay healthy and avoid the foot injuries that plague many his height, we’re looking at a seriously transcendent guy. It’s fitting for the Spurs of all teams to get another big man unicorn (Tim Duncan) ironically hailing from France (Tony Parker).

Image Source: Steve Marcus/USA TODAY Sports