LeBron Shoots 9-of-10 From Three, Joins MJ

In Sunday’s clash against the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James showcased his enduring excellence by netting 40 points, a feat that sees him standing shoulder-to-shoulder with basketball legend Michael Jordan. They are the sole players in NBA history to have achieved multiple games of 40 points or more after turning 39. James has now achieved this twice, while Jordan — who continued to play until he reached 40 — accomplished it three times.

James was sensational in Los Angeles’ 116-104 win over Brooklyn — shooting a career-best 9-of-10 from beyond the arc and 13-of-17 overall.

“I don’t ever have to lean on [3-pointers] because I can do so much — I can score on any level on the floor basically once I cross half court,” James said of his improved marksmanship in the latter stages of his career. “But being able to have a growth mindset and be able to work on things that the league is changing to, the league is a heavy 3-point shooting league.

“I’m not one of those guys that wants to go out there and shoot 12, 14 or 15 3s per game. But I want to be respected, and teams have to play me from the outside. That’s still kind of one thing teams [think] … ‘If we have to give up something, we’d much rather him shoot the ball from the outside.'”

Following a hot start to the game, the Lakers allowed Brooklyn to creep within striking distance in the fourth quarter. However, James was not going to let the victory slip away. James connected on all four of his three-point attempts in the fourth and finished the quarter with 17 points.

“It’s incredible,” Lakers coach Darvin Ham said. “I told him in the huddle before his last little stretch and we ultimately subbed him out [that I was] just extremely thankful that he packed the cape on the road trip. Needed all nine of those 3s.”

“The ones that he was shooting wasn’t hitting the rim,” Anthony Davis said. “It’s always great to watch. I mean, most points in NBA history, you know? And he’s just continuing to add to it. But the way he shot it tonight, masterful.”

While the legend remains one of the league’s best players, James is very much aware that his playing days are nearing an end.

“I’m on the other side, obviously, of the hill. So I’m not going to play another 21 years, that’s for damn sure. But not very long. I don’t know what or when that door will close as far as when I retire, but I don’t have much time left.”