Kobe Bryant Receives An Extremely Special Gift From Michael Jordan

As Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour continues this season, there’s no doubt the video tributes and cheers from opposing fans are much appreciated. But when it comes to parting gifts, no one has, or will be able to top Michael Jordan’s retirement present to Bryant.

The man Kobe has idolized his game after presented him with a full set of the Air Jordan line of basketball sneakers. 30 pairs in total, Kobe received the gift at a Jordan Brand All-Star party this weekend. All 30 pairs are white and size 14 (Kobe’s shoe size), with the Air Jordan III and Air Jordan VIII versions being in the purple and gold version. Those two Air Jordan editions are what Bryant wore during the 2002-2003 season.

While Kobe will likely be holding onto the 30 pairs, there is a second set in the all-black version that is up for auction on eBay for 24 hours. The opening bid is at $100,000 and all proceeds will go to charity.

The longstanding respect between Kobe and Jordan makes Jordan’s nice gesture far from surprising, but many expected his tribute at the Charlotte Hornets game to be the final gift:

But as has been apparent all season, the gifts just keep coming for one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Source: Youtube, ESPN, SLAM