How LeBron James’ Immense Influence Is Now Shaping The Music Industry

When it comes to active athletes, no one has a bigger global brand than Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James. The two-time NBA Champion reminded us of this fact when he sent this tweet to hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar and producer Dangeroo Kipawaa:

A little less than two weeks later, Lamar has made James’ wish a reality – officially releasing his album “untitled unmastered.” While many have questioned whether it was just a coincidence, LeBron maintains he and his 28.5 million Twitter followers played a key role.

“That’s what it’s been documented, as of now. That’s what they said. They said to thank me. So, appreciate it. You’re welcome.”

Despite being on opposite sides of the country, it’s no secret that James and Lamar are extremely close. James went so far as to refer to he and Kendrick having “family ties” as a result of mutual friend and Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul.

Both men dominate their respective industry, with LeBron owning the title of best player in the NBA for the past decade, and Kendrick having won 7 Grammys in the past two years.

As both men continue to assert their greatness, LeBron credits Kendrick for motivating him with the music he creates. “It’s great to have family like that and people — even in different areas, not just in sports — that you can look to and hear for inspiration and things of that nature.”

The Cavaliers need all the help they can get if they are to win their franchise’s first NBA Championship this season. Perhaps another Kendrick album around playoff time might be the necessary spark to lift LeBron to his third Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Source: ESPN, XXL