The Greatest International NBA Players of All-Time

21. Rudy Gobert — France

Image Source: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Gobert has blossomed into a shot-blocking, pass-deflecting, rim-protecting machine over his six years in the league. The Stifle Tower is a defensive juggernaut when locked-in. He blows up pick-and-rolls, and chases away would-be slashers from the rim with regularity. He’s also one of the most efficient finishers at the basket. Gobert led all players with a 66.9 field goal percentage in 2019. He understands his role, rarely plays outside of himself, and is very consistent on both ends.

20. Al Horford — Dominican Republic

Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

Image Source: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

Horford keeps on chugging along even after 12 years in the league. The native of the Dominican Republic remains one of the smartest players in the game. There’s no reason as to why Horford should be able to defend athletic marvels like Joel Embiid or Giannis Antetokounmpo. Yet, he consistently makes life hard on opposing stars. Considering his success with both the Hawks and the Celtics, it would be ludicrous to leave Horford off this list.