Former NBA Stars Who Lost Everything

Kenny Anderson

Expectations were high for Kenny Anderson after setting the ACC ablaze over two years at Georgia Tech. The New Jersey Nets made Anderson the No. 2 overall pick in the 1991 NBA Draft. By Year 3, Anderson was named an NBA All-Star which led to him securing several endorsement deals. While Anderson’s future looked bright, he failed to take the next step into superstardom. The lefty guard plateaued at a young age, and wound up playing for nine NBA teams before leaving the NBA for Lithuania in 2005.

Anderson’s off-the-court habits may have cost him a Hall of Fame career (in addition to nearly all of his assets). It’s no secret Anderson enjoyed splurging on expensive items. He owned a fleet of cars and routinely indulged in the nightlife of whichever city he happened to be playing in. Anderson’s expenses (which included paying child support for seven kids) eventually became too much. After making over $63 million during his 14-year NBA career, Anderson filed for bankruptcy shortly after playing his final NBA game. Fortunately, Anderson was able to rebound and is now the head basketball coach at Fisk University.

Image Source: Bill Greene/Getty Images