Every NBA Team’s Best and Worst Draft Pick

Brooklyn Nets

Best Pick — Buck Williams (No. 3, 1981)

The draft hasn’t been terribly kind to the Nets over the years. Brooklyn (previously New Jersey) has mostly acquired its star players through free agency (Kevin Durant, Julius Irving, Kyrie Irving) or via trade (Jason Kidd, Vince Carter). Their two No. 1 overall picks wound up having solid, yet unspectacular careers (Derrick Coleman and Kenyon Martin). The best player they’ve ever drafted is perhaps Bernard King, who played for the Nets for just two years before going onto become a New York Knicks legend. In terms of drafted players who contributed most to the Nets, Buck Williams is head and shoulders above the rest. Williams was a three-time All-Star in New Jersey and missed just one game in his first six seasons.

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Worst Pick — Ed O’Bannon (No. 9, 1995)

Fans of the NCAA video games titles are all too familiar with Ed O’Bannon. In 2009, O’Bannon filed a lawsuit against the NCAA claiming that he deserved financial compensation for his likeness being used NCAA Basketball 09. O’Bannon was a member of the UCLA Bruins squad which won the NCAA title in 1995. Following a stellar collegiate career, the lanky wing was selected ninth overall in the NBA Draft. O’Bannon would last just two years in the Association before taking his talents overseas.

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