Every NBA Franchise’s All-Time Starting 5

Miami Heat

Point Guard — LeBron James 
Shooting Guard — Dwyane Wade
Small Forward — Jimmy Butler
Power Forward — Chris Bosh
Center — Alonzo Mourning 

A fairly straight-forward lineup as this five-man group highlights the past, present and golden age of the Miami Heat. Alonzo Mourning’s arrival in Miami helped kickstart a run of successful seasons, as the Heat reached the playoffs in each of the center’s first six years with the club. In 2006, a young shooting guard named Dwyane Wade helped the team capture its first NBA title. He was later joined by two close friends — LeBron James and Chris Bosh — who led the team to two additional championships. While the Heat experienced a bit of a lull following James’ departure and Wade’s retirement, six-time All-Star Jimmy Butler has helped guide the franchise back to relevancy — most notably leading the Heat to an NBA Finals appearance in 2020.

Image Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images