Every NBA Franchise’s All-Time Starting 5, Ranked

Players were placed on teams based upon an imperfect combination of several factors including impact on the franchise, length of tenure, and overall skill. In order to build the best starting fives possible, lineups were assembled with positions as more of a loose idea. You will see a number of players playing one spot up or down from their natural position (i.e. Olajuwon and Kareem playing power forward).

***For entertainment and discussion purposes, players were only allowed to represent one franchise***

30. New Orleans Pelicans: Jrue Holiday-Eric Gordon-Tyreke Evans-David West-Anthony Davis

6th Man: P.J. Brown

Since we can only use players who have played for the newly established Pelicans franchise, we don’t have a whole lot of choices to select from. Considering that we’ve actually seen the trio of Evans, Gordon, and Davis play together (winning just 30 games together in 2016), the All-Time New Orleans team would struggle to make the playoffs in the current NBA, let alone compete against the greatest teams ever assembled. West and Holiday provide some needed toughness, but more than likely, AD is requesting a trade halfway through our fictional season.