Cleveland Cavaliers Avoid Complacency, Fire Head Coach David Blatt

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made all kinds of history with the announcement that they have fired head coach David Blatt. Cleveland became the first-ever franchise to fire a head coach while sitting as the No. 1 seed in their respective conference, and at 30-11, Blatt’s win percentage of .732 is the highest ever for a coach to be dismissed.

But despite this news coming as shocking to many, it was the right move by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

From a basketball standpoint, at this point in the season, Cleveland doesn’t even belong on the same court as the Golden State Warriors. A 132-98 home loss to the defending champions proved to be the final straw, as Blatt got out-coached by Luke Walton – an interim coach with 43 total games of NBA head coaching experience.

With the Cavaliers desperately in win-now mode, Blatt’s inability to out-strategize the NBA’s best coaches made his firing imperative. Cleveland wasn’t going to be content with another NBA Finals loss, and are doing everything in their power to give themselves the best chance to win.

Unfortunately for Blatt, that starts with having a coach who possesses a stronger NBA pedigree than him.

Cleveland will turn to 11-year NBA veteran Tyronn Lue, who will try to lift this Cavaliers team to its full potential. The Big 3 of Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Love struggled to mesh in Blatt’s system, as Lue will take on the difficult task of creating a more fluid offense.

If Lue proves unable to do so, general manager David Griffin has already shown that Cleveland’s coaches won’t be shown much patience. With LeBron’s behind-the-scenes influence on personnel decisions being no secret, he might be adding head coach to his resume in the very near future.

Source: ESPN, Slam