Chris Paul to the Spurs: Could it Work? San Antonio and the star point guard have 'mutual interest'

Lob City is over. After six fun, yet grueling seasons, Chris Paul and this group of Clippers don’t seem like they are getting over the Western Conference hump anytime soon. Whether it be because of injuries, poor play, or just bad luck; the Clippers have fallen short of expectations time and time again. Because of this, Paul is more likely to switch teams now more than ever. It just so happens that the San Antonio Spurs are down a point guard following Tony Parker’s unfortunate injury. Could this be a match made in heaven?

According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, the two sides have ‘mutual interest’ as Paul has the option to opt out of his contract this year and become a free agent. Paul is likely to opt out either way, even if he does intend to resign with the Clippers, but the veteran is likely to weigh all of his options.

The Clippers are the one of the most dysfunctional franchises in all of professional sports. Doc Rivers is a great motivator as a head coach, but has majorly disappointed with his choices as a general manager. Blake Griffin seems to get hurt at the most inconvenient times. DeAndre Jordan is who he is, an elite shot blocker and rebounder with a limited offensive skillset. Paul’s prized outside shooter, J.J. Redick, seems to already have one foot out the door. And the Clippers have no true developing talents on the roster. If Paul were to ever make the move out of Los Angeles, now would be the most opportune time.

A Spurs-Paul marriage could be immensely beneficial for both sides. The nine-time All-Star’s skillset would fit perfectly with San Antonio’s equal opportunity offense. Paul has shown that he’s more than willing to defer to a player the caliber of Kawhi Leonard’s, and Danny Green and Dewayne Dedmon could be Paul’s pseudo-Redick and Jordan. A Paul-Green-Leonard backcourt would be a nightmare to score on, each possessing length, quickness, and smarts on the defensive end.

On paper, the Spurs roster isn’t extraordinarily better than the squad the Clippers have currently, but pairing a brilliant mind like Paul with an all-time great coach like Gregg Popovich could do wonders for the point guard’s career. Popovich and the Spurs’ staff could help extend the 32-year old’s career and have him playing at a high level for the final stretch.

San Antonio certainly seems like the best option if Paul wants any chance of playing in the NBA Finals. Paul is likely not too keen on moving his family away from the gorgeous Los Angeles weather, but from a strictly basketball standpoint, it makes a lot of sense for both sides.

Sources: FanRagSports, ESPN