The Former Player Each NBA Team Would Bring Back Right Now If They Could Would any of these teams upend the Warriors?

Cleveland Cavaliers — Larry Nance

Like LeBron said during the regular season, the Cavs really need a playmaker. It would make a lot of sense to give them Mark Price here, but that would be an absolute defensive liability with Kyrie Irving sharing the backcourt with him. Instead, we bump Tristan Thompson out of the starting lineup and replace him with the hyper-athletic Nance. Nance was a bouncy athlete, with a number of memorable poster dunks throughout his career. His style of play fits the mold of a small ball center — as he’s able to switch on screens and finish plays around the rim.

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Dallas Mavericks — Steve Nash

The current Dallas roster has a lot of interesting pieces. The gracefully-aging Dirk Nowitzki is still bombing threes from beyond the arc. Defensive-minded center Nerlens Noel offers the Mavericks a presence in the paint. Rising wing Harrison Barnes proved to be a solid signing, and the emergence of sweet-shooting Seth Curry gives Rick Carlisle’s team a legitimate option to spread the floor. The missing ingredient? A point guard. Look no further than Nash – who would not only help to increase the scoring output of the team, but also inject incredible amounts of efficiency and effectiveness on the offensive end of the floor. In today’s NBA, he’d have the freedom to drive the lane without cumbersome hand-checking. He’d also get plenty of open looks in this fast-paced style of basketball universally played across the league.

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