2005 NBA Re-Draft: Injuries Shake-Up The Order Considerably

12. Channing Frye – Los Angeles Clippers

Original Spot For Frye: 8th Overall (New York Knicks)
Original 12th Pick: Yaroslav Korolev

Frye reinvented himself as his career progressed. Coming into the league, many thought he’d develop into an effective post player. While that hasn’t exactly come to fruition, Frye has turned into a very capable three-point shooter — making threes at a career 38.9-percent clip.¬†While he initially was a starter on a few teams, Frye’s recent value has been as a stretch big man off the bench. He was vital in helping Cleveland secure the 2016 NBA Championship. The ability to shoot the basketball has become a major premium in the NBA. As a result, Frye’s relative value has increased.

Image Source: NBA.com