VIDEO: Cincinnati Reds Prospect Suspended For Drug Use on Snapchat Video

The perils of social media is something every professional team warns its players about.

Whilst the interaction with fans may be a benefit, there isn’t a whole lot of good that can come from the “accidental” post. As it pertains to Cincinnati Reds pitching prospect Ian Kahaloa, an ill-timed Snapchat video caused a huge scene.

Warning, the video contains NSFW material: 

It appears as if the 19-year-old from Hawaii was seen snorting a white substance in a Snapchat video. This isn’t the first time Kahaloa has been involved with drug use. Another Snapchat video also appears to show Kahaloa with a bong and what looks like marijuana. Due to failing a second drug test, Kahaloa has been suspended for 50 games.

The former fifth-round pick is ranked as the Reds’ 10th-best prospect by Baseball Prospectus.

Reds’ player development director Jeff Graupe had this to say on Kahaloa’s status:

“We’re obviously really concerned. We’re working to get Ian the help and assistance that we believe he needs to get his long-term future to a more stable place. We’re kind of putting the baseball on the backburner.”

Image Source: Aaron Doster/USA TODAY Sports