The 25 Greatest Pitchers of All-Time

21. Bert Blyleven

Teams: Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cleveland Indians, California Angels
Innings Pitched: 4,970
Wins: 287
Strikeouts: 3,701
WHIP: 1.198
ERA: 3.31

Born in Holland, Blyleven made the most out of his journey to America. Blyleven had one of the game’s best curveballs in the big leagues upon his arrival, and it benefited him greatly. Although Blyleven moved around a lot in his career, he was a difference maker for every team he played for.

While in Minnesota, Blyleven had a five year stretch of winning at least 15 games. In his first season with the Rangers, the Dutchman threw a no-hitter. Blyleven was then shipped to Pittsburgh — he went 12-5 and helped the Pirates win the World Series. During his time in Cleveland, Blyleven went 19-7 and finished third in Cy Young voting. Blyleven’s return to Minnesota was grand — two victories in the ALCS and one in the World Series. With the Angels, Blyleven’s last stop, he posted a 17-5 record. Fitting for how his life began, Blyleven’s MLB career was a journey.

Image Source: Focus On Sport/Getty Images