Ranking the 20 Most Overrated MLB Players

17. Dee Gordon – Miami Marlins

Dee Gordon is fast. Dee Gordon is flashy. Dee Gordon is the son of former closer Tom Gordon. These three facts combine to make him a more visible, exciting player than most. However, these characteristics are a bit misleading. Gordon is essentially a great base-stealer who hit .300 once whilst playing perplexingly mediocre defense. You’d think the speed would play up in the field, but the numbers show that it hasn’t. One would also think he’d compensate for his lack of power (10 career HR) with some patience at the plate. This hasn’t been the case — as Gordon’s 4.7% career walk rate is sinfully bad for a would-be lead-off hitter.

Image Source: Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports

16. Jay Bruce – Cleveland Indians

Jay Bruce is just bad. The Indians acquired him for a bucket of sunflower seeds and a particularly effective locker room attendant. Over his last five seasons he’s been worth a total of 2.6 WAR. During that time period, he’s made roughly $47.5 million. Bruce has always been a bad-OBP guy. Much of his generated value has come via the long ball. When you hit .242 and average more than a strikeout per game, you’ve got to be doing a lot of other stuff to produce value, and Bruce simply hasn’t been. He’s just one of those names in which teams continue to take chances on him. Good luck with that.

Image Source: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports