Ranking the 20 Most Overrated MLB Players

20. Mark Trumbo – Baltimore Orioles

Trumbo starts a trend, as there are lots of one-dimensional power hitters on this list. 2016 was Trumbo’s best year at the plate (47 HRs, 108 RBIs), and he still only accumulated 1.6 WAR (the total of a bench player). He’s never really been a valuable player, as he racks up the sort of stats that were sexy in 1920: Home runs and runs batted in. Trumbo also doesn’t have a position — which makes him damn lucky the DH exists.

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19. Matt Kemp – Atlanta Braves

Aside from two MVP-caliber seasons in 2009 and ’11, Kemp has been a very unspectacular player. He’s shown he doesn’t care much about being an athlete, having packed on some serious mass around the midsection. Kemp is only 32, but runs like he’s 60. Sure, he managed to hit 35 homers and collect 108 RBI last season, but he did that with a .304 OBP (yuck) and one of the worst defensive ratings in baseball. In other words, Kemp’s game likely won’t age very gracefully.

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18. Dexter Fowler – St. Louis Cardinals

Fowler is a guy making this list because of his proximity to the Cubs’ drought-ending World Series run. He got a ton of visibility as their lead-off man and center fielder — while having by far his best career season in 2016. The general public got this image of Fowler as a hitting machine. However, he’s a career .266 hitter grading out just a few ticks over average at the plate (107 OPS+, 110 wRC+). Both Baseball Reference and Fangraphs consider him a below-average outfielder. Fowler is even bad at stealing bases, with just a 69-percent career success rate.

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