RANKED: The 20 Most Deserving MLB Hall of Famers On The Ballot Right Now

14. Trevor Hoffman

Closers are a hard position to assess, but we’d better figure out what their Hall credentials should be soon because there’s an incredible generation of relievers in the league today. This seven-time All-Star saved 601 games, equaled only by the great Mo Rivera. He finished with a 2.87 ERA over 1,000+ innings, but suffers from playing in San Diego, where baseball players are pretty anonymous unless they’re as good as Tony Gwynn. He had a few dominant seasons, but maybe not enough to truly separate himself from the rest of the closer field. He should get in this year, as he got within just a few votes in 2017.

13. Marvin Miller

The only non-player on my list, Marvin Miller is a name that all baseball fans – really all sports fans – should know well. He served as the executive director of the MLB Player’s Union from 1966 to 1982, overseeing massive expansion in the rights enjoyed by baseball players relative to wealthy team owners. He helped bring about the end of the Reserve Clause, an anti-labor stipulation that allowed owners to retain the rights to players after that player’s contract had expired. In today’s world, this seems patently absurd, but it was the norm before Miller helped usher in the age of free agency. By the time he stepped down as executive director of the MLBPA, the average player salary had risen from $19,000 to $326,000.