Counting Down The 20 Best MLB Players Under 25

20. Kyle Schwarber – Chicago Cubs – OF

The biggest question about Schwarber, and the only reason he is this low, is what type of defender he will be. There is no questioning his offensive ability. Schwarber has the ability to be one of the best hitters in baseball, especially if he cuts down on his swing-and-miss rate. But the question about his defense is one that will linger until he proves he can perform at a high level.

Especially coming off a horrific injury last season, triumphant World Series appearance withstanding, Schwarber’s ability to react quickly to balls, chase them down, and not compromise the Cubs outfield defense, will be heavily scrutinized. If Schwarber can prove himself a decent outfielder, all bets are off. For a team with very few visible weaknesses, Schwarber’s defense might be at the top of the list, but nobody knows for certain.

Image Source: Satira Tribune