RANKED: Greatest Sluggers of All-Time

26. Aaron Judge

It may seem a bit premature to include Judge on this list after only 396 career games, but after watching Judge closely since his debut, it is clear he is amongst the greats. As a rookie in 2017, the Yankees slugger hit 52 home runs. An additional 27 extra base hits (XBH) amounted to a .627 slugging percentage (SLG). In injury-shortened 2018 and ’19 campaigns, Judge continued to mash. There have been very few people in the history of baseball that hit the ball as hard as Judge. His sheer power puts him in the upper echelon of sluggers — and based off his current trajectory, Judge will continue to rise. Judge currently has 110 homers in less than 400 games.

Image Source: Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports