Las Vegas Mayor Hoping Athletics Stay in the Bay Area

Buckle up for some baseball buzz!

Owners of the Oakland Athletics have planned on moving the team to Sin City — to build a $1.5 billion stadium. This decision has created some real controversy for those deeply rooted in the Bay Area and for many across the baseball landscape.

When asked about the proposal, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman dropped a bombshell Tuesday evening on the Front Office Sports Today podcast. According to Goodman, the plan to build the proposed stadium “does not make sense”. Instead, she’s hoping the Athletics can find a way to stay in the Bay Area.

The stadium is slated to be located on the famed Las Vegas Strip. With the millions of tourists visiting the city each day, coupled with the casinos, hotels, and resorts, the traffic in this region is immense. Adding a professional baseball team could cause even further congestion.

Oakland’s owner, John Fisher, hopes that a stadium can be built within the next four years. Goodman reiterated the hope that Oakland lives out a “magnificent dream” by figuring things out in Northern California.

This whole saga has been a rollercoaster ride, with talks of the A’s relocating to Vegas heating up at times. But now, it seems like there’s a glimmer of hope that they might stick around after all. Of course, there’s still a long road ahead before we see any shovels in the ground for a new ballpark. Let’s see where this crazy baseball journey takes us next!