2021 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft (Two-Rounds with Analysis)

Drafting Strategy

Before we begin with the mock, there are a few basic ideas that need to be outlined to ensure you are best prepared for the upcoming draft.

Every league is different. Make sure you are familiar with your scoring categories. Is it head-to-head or rotisserie? Do you set your lineup weekly or is it a daily set-up? Is batting average swapped in-favor of on-base percentage? Knowing all of these facets is key to having a successful draft, and each little toggle in the settings can greatly affect how you should rank the available players.

Your first few picks are the base of your team. Just like in real baseball, you build around the stars. The mid-to-late rounds are used on players who not only accentuate what your top players are best at, but can also pick up some slack in the categories your stars aren’t so great at. This is especially important in leagues that use category-scoring (which is what we will be using for this two-round Mock Draft).

Your team doesn’t need to be five-times better at stealing bases than the rest of the league at the cost of being dead-last in every other category. Balance is key. Take inventory of what categories and positions your league members are favoring and proceed accordingly.

With that said, let’s get into the draft!

Image Source: Gary A. Vazquez/USA TODAY Sports